23andMe Discount Codes August 2015

    23andMe is popularly known as the place that provides generic testing. They are offering some tests for more than 200 traits and diseases and also DNA ancestry. This is the main reason why tons of clients around the globe seek the services that they offer. They have a wide range of genealogical DNA database that is also considered as the biggest in the world that allows personalized journey to your DNA with only one time prices. If you are interested on this kind of services, you can consider some of the services offered by this company.

    23andMe Coupons:

    $23 off on 23andMe
    Order any of their subscription plan for one year or more and use TPHG6P to get $23 discount on total order.

    $10 off on 23andMe
    During the sign up process type WFEDKR at checkout time and get $10 discount for your kits.


    joyish said...

    I just wanna ask... With that discounted price was it shipping included?

    I'm looking forward for your response...
    joy@23andme discount code

    Computechguide said...

    Thanks for sharing 23andMe Promo Code. It helped me to save a lot.

    Ravi Panwar said...

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